Friday, December 28, 2007

Discipline Tracklisting?

Heres the rumored tracklisting for the upcoming Janet album entitled Discipline set to drop on the 26th of February. "Feedback" was recently rushed released to itunes 3 weeks before its even scheduled to hit radio, i guess miss Jackson is out for blood this time around..Now as far as i kno this is only the rumored tracklisting so its a chance it could be the hopefull wishing of a bored and lonely stan, ugh isnt there a Noahs Arc episode to be watched or something?...but anyhoo along with the listings you can see the producers to each what do u guys think about it?

1. "Lessons Learnt (Discipline Intro)" (produced by Rodney Jerkins)
2. "Naughty Naughty" (produced by Rodney Jerkins)
3. "Feedback" (produced by Rodney Jerkins & D'Mile)
4. "Let Me Know When" (produced by Jazze Pha and Jermaine Dupri)
5. "Your Way" (Interlude) (produced by Pharrell Williams)
6. "All Up" (produced by Pharrell Williams)
7. "Between Me & You" (featuring Maroon 5) (produced by Johnta Austin)
8. "Creep (Interlude)" (produced by Polow da Don)
9. "High" (produced by Polow da Don)
10. "Leave It" (produced by Rodney Jerkins & D'Mile)
11. "Steady Hands" (produced by Jermaine Dupri)
12. "Class (Interlude)" (produced by Pharrell Williams)
13. "Deeper" (produced by Pharrell Williams)
14. "To The End" (produced by Ne-Yo)
15. "I'll Always" (produced by Johnta Austin)
16. "Low" (produced by Jazze Pha)
17. "Dismissed (Discipline Outro)" (produced by Rodney Jerkins)

Now i could careless about this cocktail of producers any other time, but for Janet i think it will work nicely...and its GREAT to see Jermaines name up there only twice, lawd knows thats too many as it is tho....Im interested to hear that maroon 5 callabo, and if it were 2001 i would say the same about the songs produced by Pharrell Williams, but since its 2007 they will most likely sound like every other underwhelming zing pop powie soundin track hes produced in the past 5 years.


aane said...

I think its gonna be on fiyaah!!! i loooove JD but i think its good dat he has not taken ova da whole album...i am kinda worried bout da majority goin 2 pharell- he hasn't blown me away recently. I thought da dream was doin' sumthin' was lookin 4ward to dat.


RhythmicSoul said...

ur right, the dream isnt anywhere on there, oddd..but im sure if he isnt producing he WILL write something, even if its throwing a EH! EH! somewhere in the damn background