Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It just Breaks. My. Heart.

Today i had a tragic and heartbreaking conversation with a ex friend of mine and startling discoveries came about that made me question loyalty, life, and well...just look for yourself..
RhythmicSoul05 (3:44:17 PM): baron did u buy mary today?
BaNwT829 (3:44:27 PM): no bitch
RhythmicSoul05 (3:44:37 PM): :-O
RhythmicSoul05 (3:44:40 PM): *grabs my chest*
RhythmicSoul05 (3:44:45 PM): why baron...why?
BaNwT829 (3:45:29 PM): dont get me wrong i like mary, I like her a lot but im not crazy bout her for some reason she doesnt make me wanna wet my pants like letoya luckett even though she is clearly better then her
RhythmicSoul05 (3:45:54 PM): i...cant...breathe
RhythmicSoul05 (3:46:03 PM): *collapse*
BaNwT829 (3:46:09 PM): LOL
And on that note I must quote Mary J herself when i say.. "FRIENDSSSS...how many of us have them!?!?! I DONT THINK WE REALLY NEED THEMMMMMM!!!!"
Yall betta keep it cute and go out to support My mary! before i sick her on u!...yall dont wanna see mary in a dark alley on a night where shes looked through old family albums and snuck into the liquor cabinet..NOT PRETTY... WHERE WERE YA!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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