Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mary J. Talkin Greasy?...or just...Stating facts?

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In recent interviews with MTV and various other media outlets, Mary made it known that the Umbrella song by Rihanna was originally intended for her..she passed, i sighed a pray of relief, and the world went on turning as it should. According to Mary said in an interview with them? or someone?
"I'm not going to chase what (mainstream) fans like. It might work for a Mariah. It might work for a Beyonce. But Mary J. Blige is looked at as some sort of organic thing."

People are getting rubbed the wrong way by this quote but me personally? i cant see why..Mary isn't necessarily saying anything negative about neither beyonce or mariah, wanting a mainstream sound isn't exactly saying "THEM HOES WACK!" by a long shot..and the honest truth is, she isn't exactly saying anything that...well..isnt true. Both Mariah and Beyonce have formed a type of mainstream sound that flows with the now, not exactly showing growth as much as its mirroring what the radio sounds like at that specific time their album or a record is released (Rainbow and B'day anyone?) and that ISN'T a bad thing at all, if it sells it Mary said, it works for THEM. Saying Mary is dissing or talking down about those 2 is like quoting Mary saying "24inch long indian remy may work for a Beyonce or for a Mariah, but it does nothin for my scalp chile!" it doesn't mean if u wear ur hair down to ur calfs your any less fierce than she is..its just not HER...Now im not saying that Marys material over the years hasnt become more radio friendly, but its still MARY regardless of how it sounds or how it differs from her first recordings...but u have to admit you would go to Mary expecting a more organic sound, style and overall feel of music than u would any other high profile R&B/pop female out now. I honestly would look to Mariah or Beyonce to do a collaboration with someone hot right now like Timbaland (post timberlake and furtado take over of course) or a Polow da Don before i would Mary. If YOUR perception of wanting a mainstream sound is a negative one than that's YOUR opinion and not necessarily where Mary may have been coming on that note..

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