Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mary Debuts Big

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This week the numbers came in for the Billboard 200 and it warms the heart to report that Mary J has pushed nearly 630,000 units to come in at number 2 (Damn that Groban!). While I would have LOVED for her to come in at Number 1, id take a number 2 pushin over a half a mil than a number 1 during a low sales week pushin only 100k. This is an AMAZING triumph especially considering that this time around Mary didnt have a "Be Without You" type success of her first single, as a matter of fact "Just Fine" didnt even crack the top 20 (although it is climbing) on the hot 100 so Miss Blige doin over a half a million in one week is something BIG and only shows that the lil engine that could is now the fiercest thing on the tracks...and now that Jay is stepping down, can someone please tie Rihanna to them?

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