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Rhythmic's TOP 10 ALBUMS OF '07

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This year has brought us many musical heartbreaks, a slew of one hit wonders, a shockingly GOOD album from Britney and an endless supply of ugly rappers with no talent (its like, whats the use?!?!)..There has been a hand full of albums thats been worth keeping the faith over! This is my 3rd year doing my top 10 albums list, first on Rhythmicwords, so if u wanna take a gander at 2005 and 2006 than u go right ahead, but kno that i do look back at a few selections like goldfrapp on the 2006 list? wth was i thinking..but anyhoo...what we have right here is 2007 and oddly enough with all the crap polluting the airwaves this past year, it was the easiest year i had picking my top 10...

#10. Chrisette Michele - I AM
Released: June 19
Chrisette Micheles debut was a blend of classic soul, R&b, and Jazz with a dash of hiphop in the mix on tracks like "BE OK" and "In This for you". The album was an absolute breath of fresh air with songs that could only be described as BEAUTIFUL, some of which being "Golden", "Love is you", "Best of Me" and "If I have my Way". Vocally she was the best thing ive heard in YEARS and is showcased perfectly on the throwback/ Jazz infused "Lets rock".

#9. Common - Finding Forever
Released: July 31
After his instant classic BE, Common and Kanye West went back into the studio, good idea..if it isnt broken why fix it? On this album more of the good stuff that made Be so good is was delivered to us along with production from Wil.I.Am and the late J Dilla aswell as collaborations from Dwele, Bilal and everyones favorite MIA soulstar D'Angelo. This album solidified that Common is an artist that will definitely be around forever, in some form or fashion....too bad he couldn't find a better album cover...

#8. Mark Ronson - Version
Released: April 16
The Brilliance behind majority of the highlights on Back To Black by Amy Winehouse released his sophomore album full of nothing but clever covers earlier this year with help from such artist like Amy Winehouse, Lilly Allen, and the late Old Dirty Basterd, among others. The way he gave Funky soul makeovers to indie-rock songs can inspire anyone fond of ANY musical genre. The man covered "Toxic" by Britney Spears and actually made it something not only tolerable but...good..someone give him some type of award STAT!

#7 Alicia Keys - As I Am
Released: Nov 13
This album by Alicia turned me into a believer, not necessarily making me think shes deserving of all the hype that has surrounded her and her career, it just made me see the girl is definitely talented and light years ahead of many that have come and gone. In my opinion, her best album perfectly blends and crosses genres almost effortlessly without coming desperate need of being eclectic and deep.
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#6 Kanye West - The Graduation
Released: Sep 11
Kanye not in someones top 5!?!?! BLASPHEMY!!!!...well..not really...just dont tell him, yall know how HE do...but this album I thoroughly enjoyed and thought was brilliant and definitely a display of growth from an artist thats already a grown ass man compared to his Rap counterparts. With songs like "Flashing lights" and "I Wonder" he should be in everyones top 10 by default.

Lupe Fiasco - The Cool
Released: Dec 18
The fact that I LOVE
this album as much as I do suprised the hell out of me, considering im not a big BIG rap fan and my favorite artist in the genre have pretty much been the same and haven't changed for years. I do own Lupe's first album and I thought it was a good debut but it just never grabbed me the way I thought it would, but this album here had me at hello. Great stories, amazing production and Lupe's ability to make u actually listen to what hes SAYING makes this my pick for rap album of the year.
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#4. Joss Stone - Introducing Joss Stone
Released: Mar 20
If Mary had her breakthrough back in 05 than Joss definately had hers in 07. With the musical GENIUS Raphael Saadiq aiding her, she developed a funky, retro sound that was all her own that perfectly complimented the strength of her voice. No matter how much dumb shit this girl says in the press (and trust me, its been alot) i still dig her, why? because shes talented, young, sassy and black...oh..wait..scratch that last one...but u get my drift.

#3. Jill Scott - The Real Thing
Released: Sep 25
After the slight let down and complete sidestep that was Beautifully Human, JIll knew she had to come harder, fiercer, stronger on her 3rd studio album, and thats exactly what she did, completely exceeding my expectations. Divorce proved that Jill wasnt going to go all sour grapes on us, instead she went passion fruit, homegirl straight up got all freaky on us but in a way that didnt require a parental advisory sticker..way to taint the masses Jill, i love it.

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#2. Mary J. Blige - Growing Pains
Released: Dec 18
The Queen of hiphop soul didnt fail with this follow up to the hugely successful Breakthrough one bit. All stanning aside this is an R&B album at its purest that, at moments, takes you back to the 70s, when times were simpler, music was FUN and artist had actual talent to speak of. Take a listen to Mary's version of "Hello, Its Me" and you'll know EXACTLY what im talking about.
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#1. Amy Winehouse - Back to Black
Released: Dec 19, 06
All potential gimmicks aside (tortured soul abusing drugs and doing dumb shit = publicity, which = album sales) this is one of the best albums ive heard in YEARS, flawless from start to finish, theres very little I can say thats negative about Amy Winehouse's second album. While this one isnt as diverse and jazzy as her debut Frank, it rides the fence of vintage SOUL and blues brilliantly giving us INSTANT classics like "Love is a Losing Game" and "Wake up Alone". I eagerly anticipate what chapter amy will share with us on her next album... if yanno...she doesnt die first.

Ofcourse there were albums that I DIDNT forget about that I loved. Feist, Bjork, Maroon 5, Musiq and a few others all came out with albums that were good, its just that 10 other albums were better. Now tell me which were YOUR favorite albums of this u agree with mine? do u think im crazy for my picks? discuss....

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