Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Like Youll Never See Me Again"

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So i snatched this from wonderful Toya over at Toyas World..This is slated to be Alicia's second single and is produced by Justin Timberlake's sideline hoe Timbaland. The song is nice and the lyrics is pure Alicia, BUT i cant help but feel with this song and with 'No One' that this new sound from Alicia is forced. It seems as if she's being pressured into recreating her sound and aslong as it doesnt sound like anything she's done in the past than its a GOOD thing, which isnt turning out to be the case. I admire her trying to push the bonderies on her voice and all, but everytime i watch her perform 'No One' i send a quick prayer up that her ass doesnt collapse on stage.


spontaneous said...

timbaland did not produce this song. this song is beautiful and i love how alicia is being an artist not just a singer. she is keeping it fresh she can't sit at the piano and sing if i ain't got you and a woman's worth sounding songs forever. i consider both songs to be classics and i consider Alicia to be on her A game right now. Get it Ms. Keys can't wait until 11/13

Krucial said...

This Song Is Produced by Alicia Keys & Kerry "Krucial" Brothers For KrucialKeys Enterprises

Ps. You're thinking too hard. She Never Tries to do anything she just Does what she feels

But Prayers Are Always Good,especially If they're from the soul

Anonymous said...

Apropos, this song as good as it is, it is profoundly reminiscent of Prince. It has prince like vocal production and similar musical compositions. Much "A for effort" as it did end very well.