Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Diva Winter

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According to, Mariah Carey's new album Sweet Soul Odyssey has been pushed back from its original December 4th release to now being released in February. This means she will be releasing her album around the same time as Janet Jackson's and Madonna's upcoming effort's. Mariah, Janet and Madonna...or as i like to affectionately refer to them as The Trinity of Hits and Misses...will all be dukin it out in the MAGNIFICENT month of february (my birthday month btw!!!!!) and im curious to see who comes out on top...dont get me wrong im a HUGE fan of all 3 of these lovely ladies, BUT i have a feeling Janet's album will be as successful as George W. Bush as a President...Madonna will have a strong first week sales and then go down the charts faster than madonna herself behind a nightclub in the 80's (rimshot)...Mariah i see coming out the victor out of these 3, but with rumored collaborations from Da Brat..I dont see that being much of a flawless victory.

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