Monday, October 8, 2007

Track by track Preview of "American Gangster"

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POPWATCH has previewed some of the tracks that can be exprected from the upcoming Jay Z album "American Gangster" (November 6th)...Heres an excerpt....

"The beats are dominated by warm, powerful soul samples, even more so than on Jay's 2001 classic The Blueprint; the lyrics outlining a street hustler's mentality are by turns as clever, as incisive, as gritty, as moving as any in his catalogue"

On that note AMEN!...soulful samples is what made me fall in LOVE with the blueprint and helped add that little touch that would make it a CLASSIC album...Now lets hope that "blue magic" was nothing more than just a teaser single and doesnt give any forshadowing of what the rest of the album will sound like, because lets be honest!...if that exact same song was produced by any NO NAMED producer, it wouldnt even be a single, teaser or not...let ALONE on the album....when will people learn that The Neptunes Pharrell doesnt equal an automatic HIT anymore??

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