Thursday, October 4, 2007

3 divas hit up Oprah

I kno you guys peeped the youtube clips of The Ones that Matter from the movie The Cast of the upcoming movie "Why Did I Get Married" on the web today. Like an idiot i MISSED the episode when it originally aired tuesday..i DIDNT HAVE CLASS OR ANYTHING, but my simple ass forget, i had the dvr all ready :-/...but these will suffice just fine...

I think EVERYONE looks GREAT...Janets Lookin like she did back in the "All For You" days, Tyler looks like he just showered with a fresh bar of ZEST (honey melon scent ofcourse) and Jill Scott looks absolutely FLAWLESS!(someone give that woman some grammys, oscars, humanitarian awards SOMETHIN fo the "The Real Thing" album)...Galivant on over to That Grape Juice to view the other 6 clips from that show...i personally CANT WAIT to see the movie, i adored it as soon as i seen the preview and looking at the clips they played on the show just makes me wanna see it even more...what about u guys?

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