Sunday, October 14, 2007

Joss Stone ruining her career?

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Heres An Interested read with 2 of Joss' ex managers (shes had 4 total) they're talking about how Joss is basically making bad decisions in her career and how its gonna go to shit in the long run if she continues the way she is...all of her managers have been fired mind u, but heres a comment Joss' second manager Alex Cole made that made me do the scooby doo URRRRRRRR!

"When anyone tells her she can't do something creatively – perhaps she shouldn't sing a certain song or take a particular movie role because they won't find an audience – she says she wants to be true to herself and sees her advisers as selling out."

yea girl..kudos on droppin Alex's ass..if u kept him around yo ass probably would've been ELLA ELLA AYE'N this summer..and that WOULDNT have been a good look

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