Saturday, October 6, 2007

October's Arist of the Month


When i first heard Feist's SUPREME rendition of the 1979 BeeGees hit "Love you Inside and Out" in the summer of 05 i was so BLOWN AWAY that i didn't waste anytime and went out the VERY next day and bought her second solo album "Let It Die". That album was a beautiful mix of jazz and alternative rock, but the highlight of it all was Feist's soft, crisp, textured voice...Although Feist has been around for years, shes just recently gotten success and airplay in the states with her incredibly infectious second single "1234" from her third solo album "The Reminder". As of this week, the song has peeked at number 8 on the hot 100 chart, thanks to digital downloads alone. Aside from that you've most likely already heard numerous other songs by feist being played during damn near every single commercial that came out this year, from Verizon to Apple and Ebay, hell i wouldn't be surprised if they started playin "Mushaboom" during a Dr. Miracle Commercial....Sounds like FEIST needs to change her name to FIERCE, shooooo...Heres a snippet of her Biography from AOL MUSIC

Leslie Feist was born on February 13, 1976 in Amherst, Nova Scotia. However, she
and her family soon went west, and she spent the majority of her childhood in
the prairie towns of Regina and Calgary. It was in the latter city, Canada’s
so-called “Cow Town,” that she formed her first band, a punk group called
Placebo. As she recalls, “My first proper gig was “opening” for the Ramones at
an outdoor festival when my high school punk band won a battle of the bands

Check out Feist's INCREDIBLY CREATIVE video for "1234" ...after checking that out head on over to her MYSPACE..listen, add her, spread the word and appreciate...GOOD MUSIC!!!

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