Monday, October 1, 2007

Rhythmic Roundup

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Cuz these muthafuckas GOTTA LEARN! (NovaSlim)

Heres the Tracklisting and Cover for Nas' Best Of album...His arch game is MEAN..take notes keyshia (Nah Right)

Nana Campbell Shakes a Tailfeather for the Italian Dancing with the Stars...I pray her partner has patience...and a mean dodging game (Bossip)

Kanyes Skit on SNL...u KNO its bad when THIS is the funniest part of a hour and 1/2 show( A hot Mess)

I think its cute when Alicia Keys does something to remind us she REALLY has a vagina...because yanno..its so easy to forget (ConcreteLoop)

Sugar is over there speakin the TRUTH..i aint mad atcha girl (Sugar and Spice)

People honestly cant expect a woman named "Super Head" to keep her mouth shut, right? (Talk of the Town)

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