Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Common's 'I Want You' Video

Heres the New video to Commons single "I want You' the video is directed by the beautiful actress Kerry Washington and features cameos from Alicia Keys, Kanye west, Serena Williams and Derek Luke..

I absolutely LOVE the video...a great video for a great song, Kerry managed to capture the haunting feeling of the song perfectly....its definitely a different video for hip hop and that's a GOOD THING..a video that makes u stay tuned to see what happens next, rather than to see what comes off next is always fine by me..The Over the top cameos don't bother me, i mean if anything it adds to the interest..i rather see an unnecessary cameo by Alicia Keys than Buffy the body randomly spread eagle any day, but that's just me...I enjoy seeing an artist grow not only musically but visually, an artist doesn't always need a video shot with an Instamatic and a budget cheaper than a value meal to account for their credibility as a musician.

As far as the song..genius..Wil.I.Am continues to amaze and mystify me..how a man can put something like this out aswell as 'My humps' and 'She Get It From Her Mama' is beyond me.


Nito PIo said...

i thought i leave u a comment since no one else does. jk lmao
the common video is pretty good i like it.

RhythmicSoul said...

suck it juan

spontaneous said...

love the common video and the song. he was able to stay true to form while doing a song that is actually getting him some radio play. everyone is looking quite grown and sexy!