Monday, October 8, 2007

New Goldfrapp Album News

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Today on Goldfrapp's MySpace a blog message was posted letting fans know that they should mosey on over to their official website to get the good word on the upcoming album, so i gallivanted to see for myself what was goin on and heres what was said...
News has reached these parts that after months of beavering away in studios
from the West Country to the West Coast, and having returned from their recent
stint in LA LA land, Alison and Will are in the UK putting the finishing touches
to the album this week. As yet untitled, it will be rearing its antlers early
next year.
I honestly cant wait...Now for my readers that dont kno who in the hot fuck Goldfrapp is....They're an Electronica/dance/pop duo consisting of Will Gregory(synths) and Allison Goldfrapp (synths/vocals/all around fierce bitch)...think...Groove Theory but with ALOT more glitter and disco balls..Goldfrapp blew up in America only a few years ago with the INFECTIOUS first singles "Ohh La La"...from their Grammy nominated album Supernature
, which they SHOULD have won, but they lost to Madonna'a Confessions on a Dance Floor because yanno...shes Madonna and the Recording Academy feels guilty for not giving her grammys back in the day when she was they feel the need to make up for it now...Supernature was an EXTREMELY good album is this type of music is your bag, definitely check it out if u haven't.

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