Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Billboard 200

Country EASILY claims the top spot on this weeks charts, with Rascal Flatts pushing 547,000 copies...but the news I actually care about....Keyshia came in at number 2 (congrats to her, maybe now she'll stop actin like someone pissed in her hair dye), "Just Like You" pushed 281,000 copies, a vast improvement over her first album that only peeked at number 6...Jill Scott pushed 148,000 copies to come in a nice 4th place...AMEN (now i kno if beyonce debuted with these numbers she'd choke herself with an old weave track, but for Jill this is some big shit, sadly thats how it is) If u havent purchased "The Real Thing" than ur DEFINATELY missin out on some GREAT music that EASILY deserves your $9.99... Chaka, Will.I.AM and Jagged edge also debuted on the charts...for the rest of the rundown head over to

So lemme get this right....
No homework from my english class this weekend

A new episode of Top Model and a season finale of Top Chef comes on tonight

50 cent has yet to 1 mill in america..STILL

I ask Could this day get any better?....oh wait...Soulja boy is still breathing...So theres room for improvement

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