Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lupe doesnt want to "Dumb It Down"

Uploaded by JNUELZ

Now i dont kno if this is Lupes Official first single or what, u gotta keep it locked to Nah Right for alla that there..but i kno this track is from his upcoming album "The Cool" set to release December 11th....I absolutely love the video AND the track...its hillarious...Lupes talent, or the message hes delivering, isnt sacrificed for a few cheap laughs here and there...(QQN @ Luda) ...but if u listen to it, Lupe is speaking nothing but the truth and thats what makes it as funny as it is, and sad...

Judging by the way the video looks, his Label figured they should start payin' Lupe like he's weighin'....which isnt much....But look at lupe, doesnt he strike u as that boy growin up in your neighborhood that was always dirty and eatin an icecream? that either smelled like piss or was musty, depending on what day u caught him on?...oddly enough he still kinda looks that way :-/

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