Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dear Mariah...

Mariah Mariah your apparently naming your album "That Chick"...*sigh*...and the real sad thing aside from that is you most likely think its acceptable of a WOMAN your AGE to refer to herself as...that chick... now you've proven after endless, at times unnecessary and forced, rap callabos after rap callabos that your "down"...yes, you much rather goto a Wutang album release party than a ritzy cocktail party with top socialites of the world... WE GET IT...But this move here, it just doesnt seem to make sense, or really make me interested in what statement your gonna be making on this upcoming album. Maybe your trying to make yourself more relateable and attainable to your fans by letting them know that your just "that chick"???? Yeaaaaaaaa...about that...Bitch, you sleep in a rain forest and you got a HELLO KITTY room ...A ROOM dedicated to that shit!...not a corner..not a wall..but a ROOM...Mariah, u are FAR from "That Chick" and thats what has added to the appeal, at times. Coming off of probably the best album of your career, The Emancipation Of MiMI, putting out anything less than that level of content would be very sad, but coming back with an album exactly like that..would be flat out disappointing...I kno i kno...if it aint broke dont fix it...but if that bitch is comin up on its last leg..DONT JUST WAIT FOR IT TO BREAK!...Emancipation was NOTHING new for was just Butterfly 2.0...Bigger, Stronger, Faster!!! and after coming behind 2 MAJOR DUDS and 1 VERY forgettable album(honestly, when was the last time anyone was stuntin RAINBOW?), the album was received much better than it would have been if it had came straight after Butterfly, I think. On that note, I do believe a Mimi 2.0 will fair very well, but a something NEW showing GROWTH and actual MATURITY will fair even greater!, because lets face to the 106 crowd is not the best choice for ANYONE, let alone a legend like urself! (take that as a hint to ANYONE reaching out to Tpain right now)....but Mimi, I am a fan and will continue to be one, I just hope you stop going to your stuffed animals and cabana boys for career advice...that is all.

Love, always (as long as u never come out with another Charmbracelet)


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tellin ya what I know said...

Damn, you're cold. You sound like she is supposed to give YOU exactly what YOU want or it's shiznit! I know M will give us what we are looking for. Even if this album has only one, #1 single, damn, that's a lot!!! A devoted fan forever here. Thanks for the History MiMi.