Thursday, January 24, 2008

Erykah Album Cover + Tracklisting

1. "Amerykahn Promise"
2. "The Healer / Hip-Hop"

3. "Me"

4. "My People"

5. "Soldier"

6. "The Cell"

7. "Twinkle"

8. "Master Teacher"

9. "That Hump"

10. "Telephone"

11. "Honey" (Bonus)

The covers gonna have to grow on me...its a weeeeeee bit...creepy? but I can NOT wait to hear some more new material from Ms Badu. Looking at the tracklisting i guess this is the year of short ass albums, but with Erykah u never kno, each song may be like 15 minutes long or some shit, who knows. Plus i prefer my albums short than long, drawn out and boring..... "Honey" is absolutely a fav of the moment for me...her rumored second single "The healer"? yeaaaaaaaaaa not so much.

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