Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Should Mary really 'Hurt Again'?

As great as an album can be, the most important part, aside from having material that's actually good, is choosing what material should become singles, and what material would just be AMAZING album cuts. Marys camp has officially chosen the second single from the BRILLIANT Growing Pains album and to my surprise they've decided to roll with "Hurt Again" after making us fans think our opinion mattered by making us do a poll to pick for ourselves *Hiss*, "Grown Woman" won that one. While i don't particularly agree with neither one of those tracks being a SECOND single I absolutely LOVE them both, Now my 2cents? I think Mary should have rolled with "Roses" as a second single for this time of the year, the cooler months give people time to assess relationships and get ANGRY! until they move on in time enough to show some skin, have some fun and not give a damn in the summer months...enter "Grown Woman" as the 3rd single! can u picture club hearing that on the way to the or while ur at a stuffy house party just waiting for that one song that makes u wanna get up and get loose? (and wouldn't she look just sassy preforming that at the BET awards?).. To round things out for the fourth and potentially last single "What Love Is" would do just fine, the song has crossover hit written ALL OVER it that's relateable and can be expected to make those that found puppy love during the summer feel justified in the decision to make their summer fling their steady *rolls eyes*(and doesnt it have Grammy performince song written all over it? all she need is a backing choir and its typical grammy, oooh maybe she'll even cry when the camera goes to kendu!).

Hopefully the Mary camp will get some sense and start doing things that oh...i dunno..makes sense? Lord knows the single selection for The Breakthrough was baffling (Why "Cant Hide From Love" wasnt a second single and "Ive Found My Everything" wasnt a single PERIOD still makes me scratch my head from time to time). "Hurt Again" as great as it is, i dont think its the best choice especially coming after a single like "Just Fine", that didnt grab as many ears as it should have. Having a strong debut on the charts is what everyone wants, but having longevity on the charts is what everyone needs, lets hope in the end Mary will be able to say shes experienced both with this album.

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