Sunday, January 6, 2008

Grown Woman on the cover of VIBE

Mother Mary J is on the February cover of Vibe stuntin on these hoes and looking beyond fabulous, just when I forgot this magazine existed I have a reason to actually purchase an issue again (I stopped subscribing to that mess a LONG time ago) But it looks like its going to be a tolerable issue this month. Ofcourse this being Marys 5463634456th vibe cover and feature it wont be much new to talk about other than her being a changed woman and owing that to her Lord and savior Kendu God, but i'll purchase it just for the picture spread on the inside anyway. Oh and kudos to vibe for choosing a cover that doesn't look like it was shot by Stevie Wonder using an instamatic. A good cover? nice change of pace, guys

In other fierce Mary news, I forgot to express my joy that shes back on TOP of the charts where she should be. After debuting at number 2 with over 600,000 copies sold she skipped past Joss Groban to claim number 1 in her second week on the charts...i aint mad atcha Mary.

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