Thursday, January 31, 2008

Throwback Thursday

It seems like alot of you enjoyed Mr. Bobby Caldwell last week, so this thursday I decided to bust out another one of my all time favorites from a male vocalist(im VERY picky when it comes to them) by the name of Don Blackman. His self titled debut album was released back in 1982 and due to horrible promotion (which means it MUST have been genius) the album never quite garnered the success it should have, but the stand out song that is "Holding you, Loving you" continues to shine to this very day, and is favored by many genius musicians and producers, the song is absolutely amazing..simplistic yet yourself a favor and check out his AllMusic page or visit, after you click PLAY on the music player ofcourse :-)

Pianist/singer/writer Don Blackman, born 1953 in Queens, NY, grew up surrounded by jazz influences; a cousin was McCoy Tyner's friend and saxophonist Charles McPherson — a Charlie Parker disciple — was Blackman's neighbor. Blackman played with McPherson's group in 1968 alongside Sam Jones and Louis Hayes when he was 15 years old.

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