Thursday, January 3, 2008

January's Arist of the Month

I know ive lagged the last few months with the artist of the month feature on the blog but i figured to make it up id come back with a BANG. This month i bring you miss Adele, the SOULFUL voice behind beautiful songs that are infectious and Ipod commercial bound. Shes Feist meets Amy Winehouse with a pinch of Alice Smith in the mix, i absolutely adore her and every song ive heard on her myspace has my feinding for more. The voice of this UK songbird is something that i havent heard in YEARS, she can literally sing me the morning news paper and id be happy, her voice is trully something special, full of texture, control and depth...just hear for yourself by checking out her first single called "Chasing Pavements"

now DO THE RIGHT THING! and check her out on MYSPACE

1 comment:

Sugar said...

She's hot. Thanks for introducing me to some fresh talent!