Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dreamgirls 2: Queens United

Heres a clip of Ex b2k members beefin it out over, im guessing, the allegations of molestation RazB made against Chris Stokes a few weeks ago...Anyminute im waiting on them to go into a rendition of "Its All Over" from Dreamgirls...I just love how Raz puts his own twist on "And I Am Telling You" at the end by tellin everyone hes gonna shoot em up...great way at really making it ur own Raz

Every single thing about this clip is hilarious to me, personal favorite part is at the end when Raz threatens to kill everyone (oh how i wish he would stop playing with my emotions with his idle threats) if the whole HIV thing is true, ofcourse its no laughing matter..but when it comes to these CLOWNS, im far from sympathetic, or concerned for that I got a question, is this reality show their supposedly coming out with an actual show scheduled to air on a network soon? or are these negros just walkin around with a handheld and a youtube account calling it a "show"? either way I shant be victimized!

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