Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Well good for him...*nods*

I dunno if any of u guys out there watch Degrassi on the N network but i do, kinda grew up watching it...Today one of the stars, Adamo Ruggiero, came out today as a homosexual, which is kind of funny because his character on the show is homosexual...Now this news doesn't exactly knock me down with a feather but its always commendable when those on TV, in Music, in the spotlight in general, in some form or fashion, doesn't just give a wink, a giggle and say no comment when it comes to issues like sexuality so kudos to him.
"I didn’t plan it that way… maybe it’s life imitating art, Ruggiero tells eTalk.
"Degrassi let me do something real and I kindof feel like I’m living proof of
what the show was working to accomplish."

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