Saturday, January 19, 2008

Because Beyonce is the QUEEN of Originality...

So I snatched this while roaming around The Fury today and I must say..some Beyonce stan has put in overtime for this, may have even lost a job behind it, because it MUST have been time consuming... Not only thinking back and studying every Beyonce video but every Rihanna video as well!!! (God be with ANYONE capable of doing that and living to tell a story about it). This stan is claming (and comes with damn good evidence) that Rihanna has bit alot of Beyonces ideas and concepts in past videos...This would be all well and good if it WEREN'T Beyonce here we were talkin about..nothing new is under the sun, ESPECIALLY when it comes to Beyonce queen of lawsuits herself!. This exact same video could be made with Beyonce in Rihannas shoes and any R&B female after 1990 in Beyonce's...Now put down the spears and torches stans, im not taking up for Rihanna in no shape or form..she can sizzle in the same frying pan as B herself for all i care..buuuuuuut, I calls it as I sees it...wanna truly take credit as being the first to do something? try doing something ORIGINAL...and poppin yo oochie wally on a sandy beach is far from it

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