Saturday, January 26, 2008

Adele Album Cover + Tracklist

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01. Daydreams 3:40
02. Best For Last 4:18
03. Chasing Pavements 3:30
04. Cold Shoulder 3:11
05. Crazy For You 3:28
06. Melt My Heart To Stone 3:23
07. First Love 3:10
08. Right As Rain 3:17
09. Make You Feel My Love 3:32
10. My Same 3:15
11. Tired 4:18
12. Hometown Glory 4:31

Imma just say it right now...ALBUM. OF. THE. YEAR. I kno its early as hell but THIS album, for me, will be hard to beat..VERY hard to beat...Adele is RhythmicWords' January Artist Of the Month and on February 5th you will find out why when she releases her album 19(imported for us ofcourse). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give it a try you guys...artistry like this should be treasured! shes the perfect mixture of Amy Winehouse and head on over to her MYSPACE PAGE and give some of her songs a listen if you havent already! theres no need to wait untill she develops a drug habit, or a knack for talkin shit about her peers to wait and give her the time of it NOW..pls and thank you :-)

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