Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Cry For Help

After a sophmore album that performed lower than expected, a third album that never even seen the light of day in America, and even a collaboration with Chingy...THIS has to be single handedly the WORST look for Amerie's career to date....a picture with the Antichrist of music himself...Ugly Basterd T-Pain. I consider myself a HUGE Amerie fan and I think her debut album All I Have is one of the MOST underrated albums of all time and I always kept hope alive that her sound would gravitate back towards the cool, breezy, organic sounds of the first album (although i do love her heavy percussive stuff too). I really thought she had something going with her first album and if she continued to grow with that, it could be somethin all her own and she could have set alil knitch for herself in the music industry...but nooooooooooo this heffa had to come out with Crazy In Love pt. 2...dont get me wrong "One Thing" was undoubtebly HOT and the Touch album was great..but much like other albums that are directed to the sound of RIGHT NOW with the main intent of topping the singles chart, the album doesnt have as much of a replayability factor as her first album did. Touch was cute for a few listens and a few "we on our way to the club" pick me ups but aside from that and the gym friendly Rich Harrison helmed tracks, u were pretty much done with it. Now im hoping this picture was JUST a photo-op and NOTHING more, my heart would weep if anything were to ever become of this pic, like ohhh lets say a collaboration? or EVEN him on production. If Amerie doesnt kno anything else by now, she knows that 1 hot track thats "Now" can mean the world today and not a damn thing tomorrow, and working with T-pain thats ALL you will EVER get ("Low", "Kiss Kiss", "Cyclone" and "Shawty" wont be getting much rotation in anyones ipods in the next 6 months let alone in the next few years)...So all in all with this being said...Amerie...keep on keepin on girl...i think ur amazing and im eagerly anticipating new material with that old amerie feel...and T-pain...die slowly.


mogetsbusy said...

pore chile i hope she gets it together

spontaneous said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I do not have an Amerie CD but one of my best friends loved the first one then she wasn't all impressed with Touch. Most people are making that here today gone tommorrow music and like you said that is all she will get from T-Pain. I don't know why record companies insist that everyone be the same can't they see that the artist who do THEM have the best and longest success.