Monday, January 14, 2008

New Christina Aguilera + my thoughts

christina aguilera - save me from myself [music video !]
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Today was the first time i seen the video to "Save Me From Myself" from Christina's album Back to Basics...Why this video is JUST now coming out 5423465464536 months after Candy was forgotten by the masses? im not sure. Why "Hurt" and "CandyMan" were singles period? not sure about that one either (girl, pop doesnt appreciate you!) IMO she should have released more songs from the first disc that was CLEARLY an R&B album...I think she would of faired much better with "Understand" and maybe "Without you" as the second and third single and THEN maybe "Hurt" and finished it up with "Save me from myself" from the more pop album (Dont give me the side eye, Stripped had like 17 singles!)... All in All Back To Basics was an amazing album, BOTH DISC, its just ashame it wasnt promoted and backed the way it should have been...yanno...properly.

OH and btw..congrats on the son Christina...little Max Liron Bratman.....max liron huh? I guess if ur mom is known for wearing assless chaps and bangin for tracks, being teased for ur name is the least of ur problems.

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