Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lil' Kim Jumps ship

Lil' Kim has decided that it would be best to part ways with her record label Atlatic Records after 10 years and plans to release her upcoming album independently according to Billboard.com.

"It's rumored that the MC will join Capitol Music Group's independent arm,
Imperial Records, however Kim's management was unavailable for comment. Fat Joe
is also signed to Imperial. Lil Kim's upcoming album, which was originally
slated for February, is now tentatively set for April or May 2008. Kim's
Atlantic swan song, 2005's "The Naked Truth," has sold 394,000 copies in the
United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan."

I definitely think this is a GOOD look for Kim. Clearly Atlantic stop giving a shit about her during the La Bella Mafia days. The main problem with Kims lackluster career hasn't exactly been her material, its been the backing that shes had, or in her case, hasn't. No record label in their RIGHT mind would have let Kim, or WHOMEVER, pick the album cover that was chosen for The Naked Truth, that shit was straight up SCARY and totally contributed to the wack sales(arguably one of her BEST albums not even going gold? damn shame I say, DAMN SHAME!), I even contemplated buying it after I seen the cover in the store for the first time, damn near gave it the SEOD. The woman had a MASSIVE hit with "Magic Stick" and there was NEVER video for it, major no no...even if her and 50 were throwing tampons at each other at the time, im sure the could have done SOMETHING...Im just glad shes finally realized she deserves more.

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