Friday, September 14, 2007

'As I Am' Album Cover

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I was galivanting on the blog stroll and came across Alicia Keys' album cover for her album 'As I Am', set to release November 13th. I think its an absolutely beautiful cover..a gorgeous picture of a gorgeous girl, nice, simple and....mildly scary (hey, im just bein a quick glance tell me u dont get a creepy Michael Jackson vibe??)she could have saved the freaky "alicia keys" font...I understand shes going for a throwback feel with the whole cover and the font, but that shit was ugly back in the day and its ugly now...but i aint mad atcha Ms Keys, I definately shall be purchasing

Head on over to Toyas World and take a gander at some new Promo pics from Alicias upcoming album, I agree with toya, theyre very natural and pretty, who knew u could still use those words together when referring to an R&B singer?

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