Friday, September 28, 2007

Mariah's "Sweet Soul Odyssey"

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This is what i like to see dammit...some info!...apperently Mariah's new album will be entitled "Sweet Soul Odyssey" and have production from the likes of Swizz Beats, Bryan Michael Cox, Jermaine Dupri and Will.I.Am to name a few...head on over to Bits and Pieces to read the full article...

I personally CANT WAIT to hear new material from Mariah, especially what shes doing with WIll.I.Am...i kinda can already tell what the material will sound like on tracks produced by Swizz and Bryan and some of the other producers that she worked with during the MIMI recording session...Switching gears to a different topic, but still MIMI related..heres the commercial for her new fragrance "M by Mariah Carey"...has anyone actually smelled it yet? all these artist come out with Perfumes and colognes and half the time they smell like hotdog water and cat piss...i hope this isnt the case with Mariah..but knowin her crazy ass a botttle of water with glitter sprinkled inside of it would probably smell divine


juanito! said...

oh she naked!

Anonymous said...

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