Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Please just let it be period bloating....

Jennifer Lopez iz Pregnant

Jlo was recently spotted at her Just Sweet show (ladies, what in the hell ever happened to her Jlo clothing line) lookin all kinds of knocked up...Now if she was a recording artist that actually had...vocal talent...i wouldnt stress it...but considering how ive heard obese women weezing sound more harmonious and melodic than Jennifer's singing.... im gonna go into Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost in trouble, girl! ... theres no way she can shake and shimmy her ass (the only thing shes DAMN good at) with a little marc anthony galivanting inside of her...womp womp to the comeback i guess...damn shame too, "Do It Well" is my shit...guess shes gonna have to display that heavenly voice of hers and release a ground shaking, gospel inspired power ballad as her second single...*holds in laughter*...but yanno if she is, congrats and all that good stuff, children are blessings and should be celebrated as such

Jesus be a back up plan

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