Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Because them otha niggas have been posted about ENOUGH...

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Today is Tuesday, which means NEW MUSIC...and for the past 2 months this day has mumbled across every HipHop fans lips atleast once...the kanye and 50 and Kenny Chesney showdown !....but we all kno about those albums dropping....but im putting MY money down on these little lads above...B5!...watch out 50 and kanye... "Why would Diddy let his D-list artist go up againt 2 A-list artist, without properly providing publicity or promotion?" u ask? Maybe the cute older one with the Halle Berry circa Boomerang inspired hair do didnt let diddy scratch and sniff the kitty...but the hell if i kno (or care)

Tough Call? Which album will u be purchasing this week?...i think i kno which one u wont be

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