Friday, September 7, 2007

Rhythmic Roundup

Jesus Be a Silk Hanky

Juanita Bynum is Bruised but not Broken. Bless her (Crunk N Disorderly)

Im too damn lazy to upload ALL of the Fashion Rocks pics, so frolic ur ass on over to (Juicy Scoop)

Keyoddle Cole Tries her Best at singing the National Anthem...Jesus be a warm cup of tea for that chile (Toyas World)

I don't know whats worse...Chico Debarge getting arrested for having illegal drugs in his car , Or the fact that the car is a Toyota Camry (TMZ)

Duane Martin lets it be known that he and Tisha are Still Together...which AUTOMATICALLY means hes not gay, considering how he didn't deny the allegations and hes still with his wife and we ALL kno that married men CANT be gay.... right....right? (Bossip)

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