Sunday, September 23, 2007

Not So Magical...

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Now i KNO youve all heard that JayZ is releasing a concept album inspired by the upcoming overhyped,underwelming,everyblackmansfavoritenewmovie movie American Gangster. The album will carry the same name and is scheduled to be released around the same time as the movie... My 2 cents on the song? ive NEVER liked Jay on a Neptune pharell beat.....Pharrell needs to take a niceeeeeeeee longgggggggggggggg nap and dream of talent, because right now thats what hes lacking...or could it be chad? the man who im SURE was the real brains behind anything that was magical that had the neptunes stamp on it? either way im not sure...but Jay is back, hopefully his sales will be too....

Jay-Z Ft. Pharrell - Blue Magic

Check out the Trailer for the "Blue Magic" music video here...I was galivanting around my new fav blog SnowDayMusic and came across mad i dont see Pharrell tho!! he screams hood to me...well more like he sings it in a poor mans falsetto...but hood none the less!

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