Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Twista Ft. Feist - Well Its Time

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Now usually i could give a hot shit about a new Twista track, 9but this one is different..its featuring (well sorta) one of the better artist ive heard in YEARS...Kanye produced the track and sampled Feist's song called "gatekeeper" for the beat.. This song is a unreleased track from Twistas new album "Who gives a shit what its called, it will be off the charts in a month anyway".....Feist has had a song of hers played on Greys Anatomy (i think im the only person that doesnt watch that show, so maybe you'll remember her from there)....but whats fiercer than the sample u ask?.... the actual hit up Feist's myspace and take a listen to her various tracks...below u can check out a video of hers entitled "1234" which happens to be one of my FAVORITE videos of the year

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