Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Birthday!....u snatch

Happy Birthday u snatch

Ok so i kno u guys are wondering "Is this some new singer?!?!" or "who the fuck is this hoe and why should i care!?!?!"...NO! although she may look like she can belt out a note that would push beyonces wig back...shes none of the above...shes my bestfriend!...and today is her BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!....she threatened me told me i should give her a shout out for her Bday!...and i thought its the VERY LEAST i could do...especially since the Financial Aid check is late (STEP UP YO GAME FAFSA!) so presents is short this year....but her name is Delania and u guys can hit her up on her Myspace or the comment section to send her alil...Birthday love.

Happy Birthday to ALL the virgos!!!!!!!

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delania said...

Aww thanks you so much your so sweet I didnt threatend you nigga