Monday, September 3, 2007

Preview "Graduation" in its Entirety

kanye is fagulousity
Ask anyone that knows me and they'll tell u im team rainbow kanye, which is why last week i didnt post any links where u could Illegally listen to the album, since it was leaked...go out and buy that shit!..but now this week Clear Music Channel has "graduation" in its entirety for you to listen to and make a judgement about...Im all for supporting an artist u like...BUT...i do believe in test drivin shit before u buy...believe me, CDs can be lemons...QQN @ kelly rowland....but anyhoo, im lovin the album, ofcourse in pure kanye fashion he throws in a few tracks that I, and im sure others, could have lived without...but for the most part the album is definately worth purchasing...and if Champion isnt released as a single i dont kno wtf he's thinkin...

This time around I love how its all about the silly interludes interrupting the flow of the album, they tend to take u out of the experience... This album, unlike kanyes past 2 albums, doesnt wear out its welcome..its straight to the point, makes its argument and leaves u feeling like u could go for more, rather than leaving u on track 12 out of 21 wondering when the shit is gonna be over...i like that...If u liked his past albums, then youll like this one..he doesnt really bring anything new and revolutionary to the game, but what he does bring is catchy and infectious.

Click here to Listen to Graduation

Tracks to Look Out For:
Big Brother, Champion, Flashing Lights, The Glory

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