Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Mary J.

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Mary J Blige - Just Fine (full CDQ)

So here is the FULL version of the snippet i posted up a few days ago called "Just Fine" anddd it turns out that this will be her First first when i heard this news i was worried because judging from the snippet, i wasnt blown away...but after listening to the full track i must admit im in love, the beat turns into something fun and infectious and when the horns come in on the breakdown its just magic... Taking it for what it is and not looking at it as a song thats NOT a "my life", or an "all that i can say" grows on you and the feel good vibes make you feel....well...good....This is the upbeat, bouncy kind of sound from Mary thats all its own (u can tell shes not trying to recreate an old vibe or earlier sound of hers like she tried with Love @ first sight)... I aint mad at her for switchin it up, not one bit...she could have came back with a piano driven Brian Michael Cox song, but it would have been too Breakthroughish (and as a fan, i want PROGRESSION) or she could have done a sassy midtemp joint (I Can Love You anyone?) but in all honesty, Keyshia and Let It Go got that pretty much on lock (Legends dont strive to compete with the lesser folk) So im diggin this, with a fuckin shovel...Now pardon me while i go vacuum the floor or somethin (TELL ME THIS AINT SOME GOOD HOUSE CLEANIN MUSIC!?!?! )

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