Monday, September 17, 2007

The Queen vs. The Voice

Fierce Off

The Buzz in the Blogworld is that Mariah Carey and Mary J. Blige will release their albums on the same day, November 20th...Mary's album is titled "Growing Pains" and Mariah's is yet to have a title, which brings me to this....Mary already has an album title and the announcement of her release has recently been made. Mary's been making appearances (The VMAS for example) to get her face back out there, much like any other artist would do when a release is approaching, its only a matter of time before a single is Mariah on the other hand has been laying low and has been mum about anything dealing with her album. The actual 20th release date was announced MONTHS ago before she was even deep into the recording process, which leads me to believe that MIMI will have a pushback to a date where she can sufficiently promote the album, instead of rushing to get it done and THEN half assing the promotion to much as i would LOVE a clash of the divas ( i love both of these bishes like i love cake) but i doubt DefJam would do Mariah like that, ESPECIALLY after the huge success of MIMI...things will be done RIGHT....smh, i kno i just broke the heart of a little gay youth with his heart set on a Fierce off between these 2...sorry young one, but im just givin my 2 cents

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