Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mary J. Blige - "Just Fine" snippet

She on her Grown Woman

Mary J Blige - Just Fine(snippet)

Heres a snippet of a song called "Just Fine" from Mary's upcoming album called Growing Pains...now i dont kno for sure if this track is making the album...from what i hear on the sample i would be mad one bit if it is...sounds like a fun lil upbeat track she could throw at the end of the album (like a let no man put asuner from the MARY album)....Thats the direction im hoping mary takes with this album, i mean i LOVED the Breakthrough (truly one of the best R&b album in YEARS and was truly a BREAKTHROUGH for her) and Mary can do NO WRONG in my eyes, but the whole "Im a po black girl from yonkers that found love, found heartbreak, found rocks, then found kendu God" routine is played...and i dont think her fans, or stans (THAAAAAATS ME!) will take her pretendin like she goin through rough times like its 94 or her trying to recreate that old classic sound (altho i still LOVED love and life, see..told u mary can do NO WRONG in my eyes)...so i wanna see some growth, and im extremely curious to see what direction shes going in with this album ....But again, id love to see some "Mary" type material this time around...when i think of mary j blige i think of "Your Child" and "The Love I never Had" more so than "family Affair" and even " Be without you"...so im hopin Mary comes out and reminds those who tryin to snatch that crown WHY shes the QUEEN...as if sellin 730,000 units in her first week of sales didnt jog their memory enough...

THANKS to Showtime over at TheTalkOfTheTown for givin me the heads up on this one!!!!!

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