Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Queen of the Talentless...

Before there were Cassie...before there were Rihanna....there was Ashanti....the original bitch that made u wonder "who the hell did she blow to get a contract?"...well after dropping her HUGE debut, she came out with 2 albums that were horrible and single after single that went into one ear and out the other (although Rain On Me was my shit)...shes back with her fourth album "I still matter, dont I?" The Declaration"...which is dropping Dec. 4th...

Click and Listen..if u DARE

Rumored to be her first single...This masterpiece is called "Hey baby (after the club)" and was produced by Mario Winans, who clearly doesnt give a shit...This reminds me of my old post i did a few weeks back that i CLEARLY should have made him apart of...long story short, the track sounds exactly like "Last Night" by Diddy and Keykey Cole....I hope Ashanti didnt waste her best head game on that nigga for this mess here

But judge for yourselfs and give me YOUR opinions

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