Saturday, September 1, 2007

"...because it's a rough bunch this time around"

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Rich, if for some reason u have stumbled across my blog because u actually meant to goto some other blog, thats yanno...good...please know, i want to to run away with you...the season hasnt started yet and already im looking foword to the trainwreck that is Americas Next Top Model cycle go on and take a look at rich's hillarious take on all of the bedraggled beauties over at FourFour...i think this is the first season i dont have a real favorite based off of looks alone...stop roamin the parkin lots of forever 21 for models tyra...u CAN do better

That Ebony still looks like she'll do some shady ass shit...look at her...she got that "i'll claim yo kids as recipients on my income tax, and dare u to say somethin" look in her eyes...remind me not to leave my SSN# around that hoe

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