Thursday, September 6, 2007

September's Arist of the Month

Noel Gourdin

Noel Gourdin

This year music has SUCKED and has comepletely set the bar on the level of wackness, and just when u thought that it was safe to turn on the radio again!!....But Iam here to give my pick, once a month, of who i think u should DEFINATELY check out, if not fall inlove with like i have...Last month it was the Beautifully talented Alice Smith, and this month i thought id actually tell u WHY i decided to pick this artist along with alil info on him, as i will from now on each month...

Noel Gourdin is pure R&B, no gimicks, no dancing to overcompensate, and no porkchop sandwiches...just pure soul wrapped in a blanket of harmonies and tucked in a bed of rhythm..with a voice meant to keep u warm a night, so whats not to love already? In a world where image is important and talent just happens to be a plus, Noel is truly gifted and jogs the brain of undeniable R&B favorites such as Jaheim, Dave Hollister, and Case. Noel is signed to Columbia records...heres a snippet of his Bio from his Myspace page

Blessed with roughhewn, down-home vocals that hark back to when rhythm and
blues repped for both those components, influences ranging from hip-hop to
gospel and songs that are nakedly emotional and truthful, Noel Gourdin states
his case on his refreshingly heartfelt debut CD. Featuring production from Kay
Gee (Jaheim/Zhan..), Raphael Saadiq[*](DAngelo/Angie Stone),
Mike City (Brandy/Sunshine Anderson), Dre & Vidal (Jill Scott), Butta
(Usher), Eddie F (Heavy D), RLES and Trackaddix, Noels debut release is soul at
its best. Speaking to the vibe he offers, Noel divulges, Its about the emotions
of the average man. My intention is putting my feelings on the track and leaving
everything I've got in the recording booth. I want people to think; this is a
man that you can feel. That you can slow dance with, have a drink with and cry
with. Its real music that affects your life. ( Continue


While your at it, take a gander at his Official Website and his Myspace....listen, add him, spread the word and appreciate...GOOD MUSIC!!!


Paula Neal Mooney said...

Yeah, I liked "The River" so much I set up Noel Gourdin's Offical Fan Webstie

RhythmicSoul said...

i shall check this out and definately ad it to the bookmark..good lookin out paula!