Monday, September 24, 2007

Who U think u foolin? + New Promo Pic

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Why this isnt her album cover over that other mess , i honestly cant tell u...but i digress....

Jlo performed her new single "Do it Well" on a Britain chat show the other day and made it pretty clear, without saying it, that her ass is knocked up. Jennifer performing a heavy choreographed song while doin NOTHING but just standing there, in what resembles a throw rug from IKEA, u draw ur own conclusions....

Jlo's camp and Zombie #2 from the Resident Evil movie Marc Anthony put out a statement that she is NOT pregnant...and one thing i dont understand is why celebs lie about being pregnant, especially when u can TELL when someones pregnant eventually...if u gone lie about anything, make it an STD or somethin hell...but either way i could give a shit...Baby or the clap...congrats Jlo

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